It's a Beautiful Day*

“It’s a Beautiful Day*”, 1996, enamel on plexi, 15-3/4 x 10 inches, private collection, *’Weather Permitting’

“He uses humor with a pop sensibility to throw visual and conceptual curves at the viewer’s consciousness, this is a strategy with great appeal. He is able to address serious issues of the day without falling into a didactic or preachy mode that undermines other works with a message. David draws a sharp line in the post-modern sand and rides it with aplomb. Irony and the pleasures of multiple meaning do not escape him, yet he doesn’t fall prey to the easy mystification that too often masquerades as intelligence in the arts.”

-Jerry Kearns, Artist, New York


“An artist with a great sense of humor, a delight to view.”

-Dobie Jenkins, Collector, Oakland, CA


“His dry, subtle humor is a force!”

-Jack Mendenhall, Professor of Painting, CCA, San Francisco and Oakland, CA


“His work is most original and continues to evolve in originality of both form and content. I have always liked the energy, ideas and bizarre and unique vision in his art.”

-Eleanor Dickinson, Professor of Drawing, CCA, San Francisco and Oakland, CA


“He is inventive in his use of imagery and content. Technically able and fairly prolific.”

-Marty Streich, Dean/Professor, CCAC, Oakland, CA


His brightly colored acrylic pieces have a ‘Hawaiian shirt” quality about them, which is not necessarily bad. The Paintings are Honestly Refreshing.”

-Kevin Parks, Art Critic/Staff Writer, CCAC Spectrum, Oakland, CA


The Artist’s Urgent Personal Concerns result in paintings both humorous and passionate, appealing to the mind as well as the eye.”

-Suzaan Boettger, Art Critic, Daily Californian, Berkeley, CA