2021 Isolation, A Virtual Art [Online] Solo Exhibition, hosted on fB, Instagram and Tumblr, while sheltering in place during 2020.

2019 Out Of The Blue, a virtual ‘mail art’ correspondence via text, messenger and US postal service and posted to social media on fB, Instagram and Tumblr. Numerous images and real collages sent out.

2018 12 Valentines for 12 months, (1 collage that could fit in an envelope sent once a month) via US postal service. Posted to fB, Instagram and Tumblr.

2014 By Way Of Utopia, on fB, Instagram and Tumblr A virtual exhibition of Miniature collages whatever could fit into a First Class size envelope without folding. Show dates: may 11-may 31,2014. Over 35 persons received (at least) one collage (a total of 46 were mailed) via US post as part of the virtual exhibition.


2014 “The Universe as I Know It” Rockridge Branch Gallery, Oakland Public Library, Oakland, CA

2009 “Lucid Dreams” Rockridge Branch Gallery, Oakland Public Library, Oakland, CA

2003-04 “Strange Attraction” Bedford Gallery Bg Window Project, Walnut Creek, CA

1996 “Poetry Not Politics!” John Walden Arts Center, Bloomington, IN

1986 “In and Out of the Ordinary” Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, OR


2021 Por Si Las Moscas (Just In Case) mail art project at Museo de la Moscas (the Museum of the Fly) Vortice (Pierto Madryn), Argentina

2020 International Mail Art Exhibition:  Penticton Art Gallery, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. Website: You Are Not Alone

2020 Mail Art Postcard Exhibition, Conneaut Lake, PA.

2020 100 under 100 GROUP SHOW, December 5th, 2019 – January 31, 2020. Fleet Wood Gallery & Boutique, San Francisco, CA exhibits “Mr. Wonderful Christ” an analog collage from the series, “The Secret Life of Jesus Christ”

2018 5IVE Letter Words mail art exhibit Conneaut Lake, PA

2018 Surrealismo (in memory of Helga Ortwig) Associazione Acquerellisto Faentini Silvano Drei APS, Via Remaccio 20, Faenza, ITALY. Exhibits: The Anxious Sky, 2018, collage, 4 ¾ x 6 (inches)

2017 “Counterfeit Art; the perfect crime.” by David Peniston Nov 8 – Dec 24 exhibits items such as fake stamps, counterfeit money, faux stocks and bonds, all artistically executed. K gallery, Rhythmix Cultural Works, Alameda, CA

2016-2017 CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, by David Peniston, Nov. 11 2016 – Jan. 4 2017, “not for everyone, for mad men only”…., K Gallery, Rhythmix Cultural Center, Alameda, CA

2016 International Mail Art Exhibition Karyuzawa New Art Museum Apr 29 – Sept 22, 2016 Kitasaku-gun, Nagano, Japan (Catalog)

2013 Mail Art from global networkers: MAIL ART MAKES THE WORLD A TOWN! (-Cheryl Penn, South Africa) an online blog developed by Guido Vermeulen (Belgium) THE MAIL ART INTERNATIONALE, Brussels, BELGIUM

2014 Petaluma Arts Center, Petaluma, CA

2014 4:20 Gallery, Oakland, CA

2013 Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, CA

2011 – 2012 K Gallery, Rhythmix Cultural Center, Alameda, CA

2001 New Langton Arts Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1999 Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1996 The Gallery at 23Y12, Havana, Cuba

1996 New Langton Arts Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1995 The Berkeley Public Library, Berkeley, CA

1994 Bolinas Art Museum, Bolinas, CA

1993 Lillian Paley Center for the Visual Arts, Oakland, CA

1993 The Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco, CA

1993 Da Vinci Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1991 Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1991 Quel Fromage Gallery, San Diego

1990 The Zoo Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1989 The Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1988 Alonso/Sullivan Gallery, Seattle, WA

1988 The Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA

1985 Santa Fe Council for the Arts, Santa Fe, NM

1985 Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA

1985 Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Shellville, GA

1985 The California Museum of Photography, University of California at Riverside, Riverside, CA

1984 Name Gallery, Chicago, IL

1983 The Paul Villasenor Library Gallery, San Bernardino, CA